pomegranate sangria

Many years ago I used to frequent a Spanish restaurant in Sydney called ‘Don Quixote’. It was tucked away in the bustling Chinatown district. The restaurant cooked whole suckling pigs that were addictive. So were the sangrias. That was the first place I’d tried this easy-to-consume-vast-amounts of beverage. As most of you already know, the drink originated in Spain and Portugal but there’s been many spins on it over the years. With pomegranates being in season and because it’s a gorgeous Florida afternoon I thought a sangria recipe was in order. I sit here writing this with specs of pomegranate juice all down my arms and my chest. I’m sure if I went and checked the mirror my face would look much the same. Originally from Iran and then India and once considered most exotic, pomegranates are now more common place. Their seeds are like rubies and digging them out of the creamy colored flesh is like panning for gold. I made the most god-awful mess, some of it you can see here…

pomegranate sangria

pomegranate sangria

I got bored after collecting 1/4 cup or so of the seeds so I sliced the remaining pomegranate up and threw it in the pitcher. You don’t want to eat that part though. Traditionally sangria is made with wine and brandy. I used wine and vodka. It’s what we had on hand and and I didn’t want to add too many other flavors but I bet it would be nice with triple sec or Cointreau if you’re living the high life. I didn’t use the cheapest wine I could find but I didn’t break the bank either. That would be sacrilege. I need to go and clean up but before I do I have to share with you a story about a chocolate cake I made the other day. Firstly, here’s the sangria recipe. Nothing terribly new and inventive but fun and festive. If you’re feeling in the fun and festive mood already.

pomegranate sangria

  • 750 ml bottle white wine of your choice (preferably something light – Sauvignon blanc, pinot gris), chilled
  • 1 cup vodka, chilled
  • 2 cups pomegranate juice, chilled
  • 1/2 pomegranate, sliced
  • 1/4 cup or so pomegranate seeds
  • lots of ice
  • sparkling lemon lime soda such as 7-UP or Sprite
  1.  In a large pitcher, combine wine, vodka, pomegranate juice, sliced pomegranate and seeds. Chill.
  2.  Fill serving glasses with ice. Pour wine mixture into glasses about two-thirds full. Top-off with soda. Serves 1 – 2 at a stretch. Or 4 or so but not in my house.


world's messiest chocolate cake - ever

world’s messiest chocolate cake – ever

I got it in my head the other day to every now and then share a recipe with you that I’d seen in a magazine, online, or in a cookbook that took my fancy. All the recipes on my blog are originals – written by me, tested by me so I thought it would be interesting to make someone else’s recipe and give it my thumbs up or down. WRONG! So wrong. The first recipe was from my favorite food magazine – Donna Hay. A stunning Aussie food mag. The recipe – a chocolate milk cake of South American origins. Basically you make a chocolate cake, poke holes all over it then douse it in a chocolate and milk mixture. Lying in bed the night before I realized I hadn’t noticed in the recipe mention of removing the cake from the pan. I had concerns. After making it I know why they failed to include that vital piece of information – it was the bastard cake from hell to get out of the pan. And, when it did emerge, the five plus cups of liquid I’d poured over said cake before letting it sit in the fridge for two hours, emerged with it. Everywhere. Down the kitchen cupboards all over the counters, the floor, under shelving, under and over the coffee maker – you get the picture don’t you? Then, after aaaaaaall of that, the cake, was ok but just ok and not worth the day out of my life it took to make it and taking countless photos to share with you and then cleaning up the really f*cking big mess. I sent the cake to work with my husband the next day for the boys he works with. And I added the experience to my kitchen catastrophe list because even when you’ve been at this game as long as I have, you can still have really shitty days in the kitchen.


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not so fattening chicken and dumplings

stir the dumpling mixture with a knife to prevent over mixing

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one pan roasted autumn wild rice with squash

one pan autumn wild rice and roasted squash

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pork and mushroom rice noodles

pork and mushroom rice noodles

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better than take out shrimp fried rice

please give us some patty

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chicken and white bean chili

chicken & white bean chili

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one pan creamy mustardy chicken

ingredients for one pan creamy mustardy chicken

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wild cherry on her wild chariot hubby built

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power juice

power juice

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sweet grilled shrimp with grilled papaya salad

sweet grilled shrimp with green papaya salad

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