my florida move

A lot has happened since I last posted on here many moons ago. We moved to Florida in June. I left my job in corporate America to follow my dream and the reason I came to the US initially – to secure a television cooking show. The move from Minnesota was fraught with much drama but my hubby and I are settling in and doing lots of exploring. In the event not to bore the pants off you I’ll fast forward past all of that to today and one of my greatest passions – good food.

The food scene in Florida is vibrant. I’ve been like a kid on Chrissie morning instead of opening gifts I’ve been sourcing the best places to buy food – flitting from seafood markets to fresh produce stores, Greek bakeries and markets and Asian grocery stores. Their shelves and cabinets teeming with beautiful displays of fish and crustaceans; fragrant fruits and just-picked veggies; crisp, honey-dripping layers of baklava and giant bunches of Asian greens. Having such fresh bounty on my doorstep creates the quandary of what to cook first. A welcome problem to have, I assure you. And my creative juices are flowing. I feel inspired again.

On a recent trip to an Asian market in search of a few goodies to make a Thai curry, I asked for kaffir lime leaves. The market’s owner took me outside and around the back of the building where we picked the leaves off her tree, avoiding their nasty, big thorns.  This is the sort of thing I just love. I don’t think there is anything I can’t get here – even Vegemite when my supply runs out. I’m going in search of my own kaffir lime tree at a local nursery. And a passionfruit vine while I’m at it.

My honey moved my prop backgrounds in from the garage yesterday in readiness for me to shoot on. In between trips to the beach, working-out in our pool, riding my tricycle and exploring the area, I’ve been writing and testing recipes. And I have to say I’m very inspired. The most inspired I’ve felt in ages truth be told. So stay tuned for some scrummy recipes on here soon accompanied by lots of pictures of course.

Create. Share. Inspire.

Honeymoon Island, Florida

Honeymoon Island, Florida


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